Change may seem painful, however, nothing is as painful as staying where you may not belong.


I started my career as a consultant in Information Technology after earning a bachelor’s degree in Computer Information Systems from Bentley University.  While working full-time, I pursued a master’s degree in Business Administration from Bryant University. My leadership skills led me to dedicate more than twenty years to corporate America as a technology change manager. This business experience taught me how to help individuals, teams and organizations adapt to changes in the workplace.  I mastered the technical, organizational, and communication skills necessary to successfully implement desired changes in people, business processes and computer systems.

Within that same twenty years, I managed to live through a decade of personal change.  I’m a fifteen year breast cancer survivor whose mom and sister passed away from complications of having the same disease. When my employer eliminated my job position, I seized the opportunity to satisfy my long-forgotten goal to write a book. I never imagined that my life would be the book’s topic.  The experience of writing my story uncovered my life’s purpose --- to help people find their own courage in a world full of inevitable change

My mission is to help people embrace change as an opportunity to learn! I help my clients through change by discovering new ways to look at a challenging situation or problem, create and compare options and solutions they may not have thought of alone, and move forward with confidence, courage, and peace.

My memoir, Perfectly Negative: How I Learned to Embrace Life’s Lemons (as) Lessons is available on

I live in Rhode Island (USA) with my husband, two step-teens, and a Shih Tzu named Enzo who follows me everywhere. 

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