Expanding the Benefits of Coaching to Real Estate

As you may know, after a tumultuous ten years, I found my life’s passion and purpose in the four year journey of writing and publishing my memoir, Perfectly Negative.  I love to help people move forward with courage.   

I haven’t published a newsletter in quite some time while I’ve been doing some self-reflecting and self-coaching of my own.  In my 20 something years working as a technology project manager, I guided people and teams through change.  Isn’t that what life is, constant change?

In the past eight years, I’ve become a wife, stepmom, dog mom, author, life coach, bartender and, most recently, a Realtor.  I’ve published a memoir, helped clients change careers, homes, and marital and parental status, worked at a vineyard and a plant-based food hall (YUM!), and now I’m excited to announce I’m working with Keller Williams Realty, the number one real estate franchise in the U.S.!   

I feel at peace with all of life’s changes because I’ve learned to embrace whatever comes my way – the good, the bad, the chosen, and the unwanted – and I strive to find the positive in every situation – that’s how I move forward with courage and you can too!

If you or someone you know is facing a change – in career, relationship, lifestyle, housing – let me help make it a smooth and peaceful move!

All my best,


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